(Fitness) Fit but not skinny.

 People had been telling me I am so skinny.
Oh yes, they stopped calling me skinny recently because I proved to them and myself that I can do it.

If I can do it, so do you.

For girls, it's harder to build obvious appealing muscles because:
  • We don't have enough testosterone whereas men have plenty
  • We can't workout EVERYDAY because Overtraining can mess with your menstrual cycle and cause amenorrhea, the absence of menstruation. (Yes, I experienced it on my own)
 If we can't build BIG muscles easily, why are you afraid of lifting weight?
It is a myth that once we start training, we will get abs immediately.
People have been asking me why didn't I have extremely defined abs when they didn't even try training on their own at all.

Working out is for yourself but not anyone else.
Remember that.

 I used to have flabby flat ass when everyone was laughing at my small ass.
Calling me "flat ass", "Shapeless" or etc.

Yes, this world judge.
Did I care? Yes but thanks because they served as my motivations to push harder.
I feel good to shut people up with real results.

Abs is the hardest part where it requires you to have LOW body fat level.
Do abs exercises help in reducing your tummy?
Sadly no, abs exercises are to strengthen your core and abs muscles.
In order to have abs, you need to reduce your overall body fat level by controlling your diet (eating the right food) and working out.

Some of the Food I ate


43% of egg protein from egg yolk.
Oh yes, I eat whole egg.

 When eating out, I try to boost the amount of veggies and opt for lean meat instead of fatty meat.

Sadly, no roasted pork.


I cheated because of the teriyaki sauce.
Say no to sugar! (Or at least reduce it bit by bit)

 Actually controlling your diet isn't that hard.
Opt for healthier food and REAL food.

Remember to boost your protein intake. You may choose:
  • Protein shake
  • Chicken breast meat
  • Almond milk
  • Reduced sugar Peanut Butter
  • More......
What workouts you can try doing now?

 Kettlebell swing.

To reduce your overall body fats because it requires your hip to swing it up, instead of arms.

 Side planking dips.

This requires stronger core before you can master this.

Train your core by doing simple sit-ups.


This is to train your triceps and biceps but mostly focusing on triceps.

 STRETCH before and after your workouts!

Pictures Sharing

 Why Reebok?

Because I like their crossfit outfits!

Keep calm and train.

What are you waiting for?

Always hydrate yourself with enough water.

For girls, try not to drink cold water but room temperature water.

If you want to know more about fitness, you may reach me at: 
jiayeen.tan@yahoo.com OR https://www.facebook.com/eggieyeen/

I may not have the best body but I am trying. 
The main intention of this post is to share some of my findings and experiences on working out and fitness.


Jennifer Kaur said…
Hi, I saw this and was amazed by your transformation. I am skinny, probably underweight, but I have a tummy! It kills me! �� I started doing abs work out 5 mins daily for the pass one week. I'm not sure how to reduce it. You have any comments on that?
Jiayeen Tan said…
Jennifer> To reduce on tummy is to reduce the overall body fats. I know people have been telling you "Why do you have to get slimmer? You are underweight!" Be lean, not skinny. Cardio, weight training, diet (healthy diet but not to skip meals).