(Fitness + Fitnesswear) The New breathable Sloggi BE ACTIVE collection

 As you all may know, I've been very active in working out and sweating it out lately.

A good fitwear will enhance your mobility and flexibility.
Never once that I was introduced to sports bra that actually come in your cup size.
Until.....I was being introduced to Sloggi BE ACTIVE collection.

 Besides activewear, of course they have a variety of comfortable and good quality lingerie.
From fancy colours to sexy lace.

 The outlet I visited to choose my Sloggi BE ACTIVE sports bra was the Sunway Pyramid outlet.

As you can see, there is a corner that allows you to choose from different colours of BE ACTIVE collection.

 Very classy, very dreamy.

 Instead of typical girly pink colour, I opted for the unique colour combination of dark blue and green.

Do you know that Sloggi is under the same company as Triumph?

 I wore my BE ACTIVE collection to try out the Hot Pilates at Urban Spring studio, Bangsar.

I've been joining Pilates classes every Thursday but never once, I get to do it in a studio room that has 37-40 Degree Celsius.

 Say hello to my workout partner of the day - Aerisk Ong.

 The experience was great as my sweat kept flowing non-stop.

Whenevrr I sweat, I am happy because the toxin is flushed out (at least I think so?)

 Sloggi BE ACTIVE collection Sportsbra allowed me to move freely while doing my Pilates movements. I like how it kept my skin breathable instead of sticking onto my skin.
 The easy hook-on Y-back design is really convenient. 

Imagine yourself struggling out of your sports bra every single time after your workout?
Oh boy, I always have to FORCE OUT my big head out of my sports bra.
Struggle, oh real struggle.

Tips: Always replenish and rehydrate yourself after your workout, especially Hot Pilates to prevent any dehydration.

Benefits of Hot Pilates:
  • Fat burning
  • Weight loss
  • Improves sleep - helps with insomnia
  • Promotes sweating to detoxify your body
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Warms up the muscles
  • Manages health conditions, such as depression, lower back pain and arthritis

 Key benefits of the latest Sloggi BE ACTIVE collection:
  • Breathable, quick dry material
  • Specially designed with fun and bright contrasting colour combinations that are fit for fashion and fun
  • LYCRA FreeFit X-Move certified
  • Two designs: (1) cross back design that fixes the straps to prevent slippage during any activity; (2) Y-shaped back for easy movement, plus a special high stretch and recovery Brushed powernet that means super comfort when working out
  • Price: (Top) RM169 (Bottom) RM59.90

TWO GOOD NEWS, actually!

Package 1: 3 + 1 (Purchase ONE Sloggi regular-priced bra and you will get THREE free trial classes at Urban Spring!)


Package 2: 5 + 2 (Purchase TWO Sloggi regular-priced bra and you will get ONE pedometer for free + GET REWARDED with your steps taken within a month!)

How to participate?
      • Track steps using sloggi's pedometer from 18 July till 31 August 2016;
      • Flash your steps reading from the DayDay Band app together with your sloggi pedometer at any sloggi counter to redeem vouchers or to enter the Holiday Grand Draw;
      • Fill in your particulars if you are entitled for the Holiday Grand Draw;
      • Steps recorded after 31 August 2016 will not be eligible;
      • Vouchers must be redeemed by 15 September 2016.

A little about Sloggi
sloggi designs comfortable, top quality underwear that excites and delights fashionable and fun loving freedom enthusiasts the whole world over! 

Originated from Germany, sloggi is renowned for its comfortable, fashionable, underwear in a variety of fabrics and styles whose excellent fits have been empowering men and women every day since 1979. sloggi - Designed for Freedom in 110 countries worldwide. 

Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with the core brands Triumph® and sloggi®. Globally, the company serves 40,000 wholesale customers and sells its products in 2,000 Triumph Stores as well as via several own online shops. Triumph International employs more than 30,000 people and in 2014 achieved revenues of 1.437 billion Euros. It is a member of both the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP).