(Fitness + OOTD) Of CK Performance wear & my Fitbit Flex 2

I was recently inspired by Gigi Hadid x Reebok photoshoot.

The photos were well taken with the correct model and correct atmosphere!
I really like them a lot, like really a lot.

Hence, I actually seek help from my bestie to capture some photos for me.
Well, with the reference of Gigi Hadid's photos, of course.

Featuring CK Performance wear fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband

If you have yet to read my verdict on the fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband, feel free to do so now! (Click HERE!)

My favourite piece from CK Performance are these three pieces, namely the Hoodie Jacket, Sports Bra and the leggings.

The comfort, the style.
The recent trend is to enable us, the gym goers to workout in style and those clothes should be fashionable enough to wear during the non-gym hours.

Do enjoy the remaining shots taken with my punching gloves, CK Performance wear and fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband.

Shot #1

Shot #2.

Shot #3.

 Shot #4.

Speaking of the fitness wristband, I find it very versatile as it allows me to match well with my sports wear, especially gym wear.

And hey! It's my favourite colour!
Of course, they have other colour options too, don't worry.

The combination of functionalities and style.
Oh I love it just the way it is!

Keep calm and smile.

Be accountable.
Be discipline.
Keep track on your life.
Fitness and Daily activities.

For more information, check out https://www.fitbit.com/my/flex2

To purchase, you may check out the following websites: -
1) Zalora - HERE
2) Harvey Norman - HERE
3) Lazada - HERE
 and other retailers.


Cindy Tong said…
love all the photos!!!keep it up babe!
SweeKian Khaw said…
Yes.. I like photos of you... (in action).!!!