(Food) Healthy organic food at Owlganic Cafe, SS2

I am definitely not a vegan nor carnivore but I always believe in BALANCED DIET!

However, I don't mind going meatless once in a while to satisfy my veggies intake.
The guilt-free satisfaction is real, people!
Oh yum!

Healthy NASI LEMAK! I am not kidding!
Read on to find out more!

Came across this cafe when I was wandering around SS2.

There is a new Organic Shop opened not long ago and guess what?
A cafe is located within the compound too!
Psst psst, I heard this place is opened by one of the local Astro news reporter.

Do bear in mind that this place ain't a huge cafe but just a small compound their scrumptious organic healthy food and beverages.

Their set meals priced from RM17+ till RM20+, of which the set meals come with a main dish and beverage of your choice (Fresh Fruit Juice/ Coffee / Tea).

Meatless Lasagna 

Hey, don't judge a book by its cover.
This is really good, despite it is healthier with all the yummy healthy ingredients in it but not losing the taste.

Healthy Nasi Lemak

Do you think meatless Nasi Lemak is going to be tasteless and bland?
No, you are wrong!
Guilt-free Nasi Lemak, I really don't mind!

Even my bestie is indulging into the yummy Lasagna.

All of their fruit juices with Chia Seeds.

Carrot Juice

Grapefruit juice

It isn't easy to be able to find Grapefruit juice in the market because not many people like the taste but do you know grapefruit is very nutritious? 

I like the bittersweet taste of this juice.
Will definitely go back for more.

Due to my condition, I can't take too much of dairy products.
Hence, I always try to find healthy substitutes, like No-Sugar Added Soy Powder & Apple Cider.

I feel good for managing my health and being healthy.
Do you?

Details of this Organic Shop cum Owlganic Cafe as below: -

Owlganic Cafe

35 Jalan SS2/64, SS2 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours
Sun-Thurs, 10am-9.30pm
Fri-Sat, 10am-11pm

Facebook Page link

Google Map



Cherrie C said…
Will give it a try ..
The food look delicious !!
Deonne said…
Yea. I love grapefruits too :)
Jia Shin Lee said…
Would love to give this place a try the food looks good and most importantly it's healthy food.
Kelly Lee said…
Macam very nice <3 When want go with me jek
俊凭Willy Wah said…
gosh,I can't live without meat!:(
LeeYing C said…
Mama Ee said…
wow, the organic foods looked yummy.
Will pay a visit this weekend.