(Event) Healthy cooking with Panasonic - Le Creuset Blogger Get-Together Workshop

 Healthy cooking is already part of my lifestyle.
But the problem is...how to prepare healthy food conveniently? 

The drawback of people preparing their own food is actually the convenience on preparing it.
It is hassle to prepare it using the traditional way with the traditional kitchen apparatus.

HEY! I found a way!
Ok I do sound like a Doreamon now but seriously, there is a way of preparing food the convenient way.

Want to know how?

 We shall let the story begins.

One fine day, in conjunction of the release of the cute little Panasonic Cubit Oven, Panasonic Cooking decided to organise a private cooking workshop at the Panasonic Home2Com Solution Center, Bangsar South just for us, the bloggers.

 How the name of "Cubie Oven" derived from? It actually derived from the term "cubical", as in its shape, with the meaning of "small and compact". The design of this oven is very much focusing on the young and urban families to make quick and healthy meals the convenient way.

The main functions of this Cubie Oven are steam, healthy fry, bake (or roast) and fermentation.

 To commemorate the occasion, we received a complimentary bouquets from Happy Bunch.

Who doesn't like a nice bouquet of flowers, especially roses?

 Cooking workshop was organised for us to experience the wonder of Cubie Oven with all the food prepared using Le Creuset's stoneware.

 Pretty chef of the day to guide us and of course, to ensure we are on track.

 Guess what I was preparing using the Le Creuset's stonewares?

 With huge mango in it? 


Still can't guess it?

Mango and Passion Fruit Crumble with Vanilla Cake Base

Perfectly baked with the moisture well-kept.
With only a short time of 20-25 minutes, you get to enjoy this yummy dessert with the crumble sprinkled across it.

 Next up, time to prepare the next dish.

 Guess what! Guess what!

Honey, Paprika, Olive Oil and more.
Are you able to guess it?

  It does look like Ratatouille but nah!

 Roasted Stuffed Chicken with Sundried Tomato Pesto and Root Vegetables

With the adjustable baking temperature retains the flavour, the moisture of the chicken remained.
Only a short time of 15 minutes, you get to enjoy yummy chicken with crispy outer with its moisture remained.

 Are you ready to prepare your own healthy meals the convenient way?

Do stay tuned for my next post to introduce the Panasonic Cubie Oven with a healthy recipe of my own!