(Food) Breakfast at Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Mutiara Damansara

Other than toasts, EggieYeen would like to introduce you this western style breakfast.
As I always said, breakfast is the most important meal in a day.
I always try to eat better and with balanced nutrition during my breakfast time.
I usually eat lesser/ carbs free during dinner time.

Healthy eating is the key to healthy life.

 I was welcomed by the minimalism interior design, especially this counter top.
Simple concrete counter top with not much of decorations around it.

Open kitchen concept is the trend now.

It reveals the way the chefs prepare the food and of course, customers will get to observe the way they prepare but hey, who does that?

 We ordered some of recommended dishes and Chai Latte.

 Baked Eggs

Tomato-based Baked Eggs cooked well in a sizzling pan, along with the juicy beef meatballs and a slice of roasted pumpkin. 
Chose English Muffin, instead of Garlic Bread to match with my baked egg because I ain't a fan of Garlic Bread.

This is good. Trust me.
I am choosy for my food.


As usual, I guess.
I am naturally a poser.

 Scrambled Eggs with Pesto Sauce

Scrambled Eggs mixed with Pesto Sauce and perfectly paired with foil-baked portobello mushroom and slices of toasts.

The two main ingredients of Pesto Sauce are Basil leaves and Olive Oil.
The scrambled eggs are surprisingly smooth and aromatic.
It is really a great combination.

 Chai Latte

I am definitely a fan of Chai Latte.
This is thus far the best Chai Latte I ever tasted.
The fragrant aroma and taste really impressed me.

For a pot like that, you get to enjoy two (2) cups of Chai Latte.
For a Chai Latte like this, I do not mind having more than two (2) cups though.

Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar

G-02, Menara TSR, 12 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara.

Operating Hours
8am till 8pm Daily

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