(Fitness tips) The importance of having breakfast on daily basis

 I guess I do not need to emphasize too much on the importance of having breakfast every single day.

I love my breakfast. It is my most important meal in a day.
I will try my best to have my breakfast ready to consume on daily basis.
What's for my daily breakfast? Frankly speaking, I am currently at the stage of getting more lean.
Hence, my daily breakfast would be more towards the Protein-based.

So, why is breakfast important?

Based on some of the facts I found online, Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast. Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are good sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fibre. The body needs these essential nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day. Fruit and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals so try to include a portion of your daily five at breakfast, whether that be a banana or glass of fruit juice.

Breakfast can be good for waistline too, research shows those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight and more likely to be within their ideal weight range compared with breakfast skippers. If you skip breakfast, you're more likely to reach for high sugar and fatty snacks mid-morning. 

Not only that, Breakfast also restores glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function.

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 This is a bad example of blood sugar level as it "yo-yo" too much which caused you to crave for random junk food.
When your blood sugar level is low, your brain will send signals to your body to start finding food. 
You might crave for random junk food, varies from sugary food to high-carbs snacks.

Indirectly means those who skip breakfast have higher tendency to become obese.

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What is Glycemic Index ("GI")?  GI is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. Carbohydrates with a low GI value (55 or less) are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised and cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and, therefore insulin levels.

(Source: Google)

What are the examples of low GI food?
Complex carbs, Yogurt, Soy Milk, Apple, Broccoli and more.

 belVita is also one of the good choices for breakfast, especially for those who carry hectic lifestyle and always on-the-go.

Available in three (3) flavours : Milk & Cereal, Honey & Chocolate and Banana & Oats (Latest!).

 It contains :
  • 29% wholegrain cereals
  • At least 3g of fibre/ 100g serving
  • ZERO trans fat
  • 5 vitamins ( Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and D)
  • 3 minerals (Calcium, Iron and Zinc)
 belVita Breakfast biscuits are conveniently packed in individual packets with two (2) pieces in a pack.

You can even have it during your snack time and skip those junk food when your blood sugar is low and your body starts alarming for more food.

 Breakfast Parfait

Ingredients : 2 pieces of belVita Breakfast biscuit crumbs, sliced fruits, 1 cup of plain yogurt

Method : Just layer them as you wish. I will usually start off with the crunch a.k.a. belVita Breakfast biscuit crumbs, then followed by fruits and yogurt. It's alright if you want to opt for flavoured yogurt but do take note on the amount of sugar you are consuming.

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