(Fitness) Why are you not losing weight as expected?

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Despite being active in my fitness lifestyle, I still made these mistakes before I realised them.
Yes, I learnt from my mistakes and corrected them from there.

The main purpose of this post is to share with everybody on the mistakes to avoid if you all exercise to lose weight but realise it isn't working as good as you expected.

Refer below for the mistakes not to make if your goal is to lose weight : -

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Mistake #1 : You are only doing Cardio

it is great to start your fitness journey with jogging, cycling and etc but you missed the great opportunity to maximise your fat burning potential by skipping strength training. The more muscle you have, the higher your body's fat-burning potential, and weight training will help you burn more fat faster. That means you can do shorter workouts and get better results.

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 Mistake #2 : Skipping Intense Workouts

High-intensity interval training ("HIIT") sounds tough for you? Trust me, you will enjoy the great benefits from this training! This works for cardio and strength training and involves following a work-to-rest ratio, a popular one being two to one. It involves running, skipping rope, body weight training and more.

Of course, there are other types of medium to high intensity workouts, like sprinting and etc.
Just have to find out what suits you OR what you feel more excited about.

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 Mistake #3 : Inconsistent workout schedule

In order to ensure your body stay active, you need to be hitting the gym regularly for about 45 minutes, three to four times a week in order to see the results. 

Not only gym, as long as you pump yourself up, any workouts will do.
Yoga, cycling, running and more.

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Mistake #4 : Did you watch out on what you eat?

80% diet, 20% workout.
If you don't watch out on what you consume, what is the point of working out so hard?
Your body requires necessary nutrients to repair the muscles and keep the body momentum goes on.
There is always in-and-out. If your "in" is more than "out", how do you think you are going to slim down as if it's miracle?

(Article inspired by POPSUGAR.)