(Fitness) 24-min workout only with BodyBoss

 There should not be any excuse of not having sufficient time to workout.
Working out should not be just once a week but at least three (3) times a week.

If time is not an issue to you, perhaps you have no idea how to start?
With BodyBoss (Link: HERE), proper guidance is given in a 12-week guide!
Yes, with just a book, you are able to follow the step-by-step guidance.

I am going to illustrate some basic movements below. 
You may try doing these movements for 3 rounds.

 #1 movement - Squats (30 reps)

 #2 movement - Push Ups (24 reps)

 #3 movement - Squats with Side Kicks (20 reps each side)

 #4 movement - High Knees (40 reps each side)

What are you waiting for?
12 weeks and you can see the results.

BodyBoss Method (Link: HERE)