(Fitness + Fashion) Comfort + Style = Athleisure

 Workout wear is no longer dull anymore.
The latest fashion trend is Athleisure.
Athletic + Leisure.

It is suitable for people like me.
Active, athletic figure and crave for ultimate comfort.
Don't you want to look stylish at the gym and outside the gym?
Athleisure is the way to go!

 Courtesy of Motiv8 (Link: HERE

This piece of White Hoodie (Link: HERE) had just added into my Athleisure collection.
I love how it combined comfort with a touch of sporty and leisure.

 Just pair it with sports bra underneath and a pair of jeans, jeggings or leggings.

I chose to pair it with a pair of zebra-lining leggings and it looked extremely stylish.

To purchase, click HERE!