Fitness | Why do I lift weight?

This is the latest version of me.

I am definitely stronger, healthier and happier.
Let's rewind and get back to where I first started my fitness journey.


 This was my very FIRST step into fitness journey.
I started off with WOD at Honey Badgers, 10 Boulevard in 2016.

 Cardio, cardio and more cardio.

I used to be so scared of lifting weights because I believed that lifting weights will lead to high possibility of injuring myself and being bulky.
I started discovering myself through cardio.

 Yes, I lost some fats but I wasn't in fit body figure, as I desire.
I was skinny as illustrated in the picture.

Skinny as you can see.
As girls believe, skinny enables them to fit into any clothes.

 Yes, I sprained my ankle badly but this did not stop me from continuing my fitness journey but I had to slow it down.


I discovered my love for Muay Thai and honoured and lucky enough to be sponsored by Eight Limbs Muay Thai centre in C180, Cheras.

 I decided to continue my journey at Celebrity Fitness 1Utama and started lifting some heavy weights.

My PT used to believe I could squat heavy, lift heavy and more but I didn't believe I could do it until I actually tried it on my own.

Since then, I started lifting weights.

First trial on 120kgs Elevated Leg Press.

It was hard at first but hey, I did it!

I tried Calisthenics but it isn't my cup of tea, mainly due to the environment and I would prefer a structured kind of training.

 I started practicing Yoga on my own to stretch my body as well as relieving those tensed muscles.
Indeed helped a lot physically and mentally.

I started training and lifting weights on my own.
Started planning series of workouts on my own too.
It works but I was still not satisfied.
I felt I was stuck in my progress.


 In 2018, I started my structured training at Honey Badgers ("HB"), 10 Boulevard.
I am back to where I first started my fitness journey after roaming around for 1 year+, 2 years.

This time, a coach was assigned to me.
She guided me and planned all the workouts for me in view of my goals of being leaner and stronger.
Thus far, the progress is good.
I love the structure. I love the training environment.

Honey Badgers is a coaching facility but not a crossfit centre.
It is good for everyone, especially those who are beginners or had old injuries as they will guide you through the journey step-by-step.

 This was me just few weeks training at Honey Badgers.
I used to care a lot about my broad shoulders and refused to train them because I didn't want to look bulky but now, I absolutely love them.

I look fitter and happier.

 I wasn't able to pull myself up at all.

After few weeks of training at HB, I was able to do Chin-up for ONE (1) rep!
Baby steps but I am progressing!

Years of not performing this and I wasn't able to do it last year.
HB emphasizes a lot on cooling down and stretching our bodies as these are crucial in preventing injuries.

This was taken not long ago.

From Skinny Fat to Skinny to Fit.
The journey shall not stop here.
I am excited to train more and train harder.

Some progress photos as below: -

Before  2 February 2018
One month after  9 March 2018

I definitely got leaner.
Waist smaller, especially my abs line, more obvious without having to flex hard.

 Flatter tummy and stronger glutes with rounder butt.

For those who are interested in training and get fitter, below are the information: -

Honey Badgers' Coaching Facility

C-G-45, Block Camilia, 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya SPRINT, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours
6am till 11pm (Mon till Fri)
 10am till 6pm (Sat & Sun)

Phone number


Facebook Page

Google Map