Fitness | Top 5 Fitness Myths

I often see people believing in fitness myths and spreading them as if they are true!
Today, I am going to list down the top 5 fitness myths that PEOPLE HAD BEEN believing thus far!

#1 - Lifting weights makes you bulky

The Truth – In some cases, exactly the opposite can occur – lifting heavy weights can slim you down. Commonly, our perception of weightlifters are associated with those muscly and bulky people we see flexing in the mirror at the gym, however lifting heavy weights can shed a lot more fat than cardio workouts do on their own. Women lifting a heavy weight at a rate of 8 reps burn almost double the amount of calories than a woman pulling 15 reps at a lighter weight would.

#2 -  Fat burning is all about cardio

The Truth - Hell no! In order to achieve your dream bikini body, lifting weights with appropriate intensity is more important than doing cardio all the time as there are many benefits associated with lifting weights!

#3 - You can spot reduce any parts you want.

The Truth – A lot of people look to find the best exercise for weight loss, however you can’t control where fat comes from, so therefore it’s impossible to target particular types of fat. However, you can reduce your overall body fat through workouts. If you want to target loss from the arms, legs or stomach then a full body workout is going to be much more effective then attempting to isolate the singular areas that you wish to slim down.

#4 - Exercise machines work just as well as free weights.

The Truth – You actually burn fewer calories on a machine as it isolates specific muscles when training. Additionally, a wide variety of machines are actually tailored to a male frame, height and weight, which makes it particularly difficult for women to use. If you have access to free weights then it’s a much better and more effective alternative.
Find out more about this in Natural Balance Food’s Free weights or machines article.

#5 - Crunches are a good way to burn fat around the abdominal.
The Truth – In order to effectively lose weight, you’re going to be way better off performing multi-muscle exercises such as press ups, squats and lunges which actually target a variety of your core regions. Crunches are in fact the least effective means of burning belly fat.

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Of course, there are more myths. If you are unsure about fitness or health related topics, feel free to send me an email or connect with me on my Instagram (IG: @eggieyeen).